How Do You Clean White Sidi Boots?


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Cleaning white SiDi boots can be completed in a few minutes, though the boots need some time to dry. In order to clean your white SiDi boots, you need a soft brush, a sponge, liquid soap, newspaper and silicone lubricant.

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  1. Wipe the shoes down with soap and water

    Examine your boots. If they are wet with mud or water, clean them with a cloth and liquid soap. Dampen the cloth with water and soap, and wash away any of the built-up dirt on the surface of the shoes. After you have cleaned them, fill the boots with newspaper so they dry quickly and maintain their shape.

  2. Clean the shoes with a soft brush

    Use a soft brush to clean your boots once they have dried or if they were already dry. Be delicate with the brush, but put enough pressure on the brush so that you can remove any excess dirt on the boots.

  3. Lubricate any moving parts

    Determine whether or not your boots have any moving parts. If your boots do have moving parts, take some of your lubricant and apply it to these parts with a cloth. Lubricate very lightly. This helps to maintain the functionality of the boots.

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