How Do You Clean a White Leather Couch?

How Do You Clean a White Leather Couch?

Clean white leather couches by vacuuming the couch, cleaning with a soap solution, rinsing the area, drying and buffing. Always read the label on the couch for special cleaning instructions.

  1. Gather supplies

    To clean the couch, gather the necessary supplies. Two buckets, a minimum of four soft cleaning cloths, distilled water, gentle soap and a vacuum cleaner are required. Choose a mild, moisturizing soap designed for the face or body.

  2. Vacuum the couch

    Use the upholstery attachment of a large vacuum or a small, hand-held vacuum. Gently suck away dirt and dust from the couch. Thoroughly vacuum the entire piece of furniture.

  3. Clean the couch with soap solution

    In a bucket, combine a few drops of soap with approximately a quart of distilled water. Mix until suds appear. Using one soft cloth, apply the soapy solution to sections of the sofa. Scrub gently.

  4. Rinse the section

    Pour more distilled water into the other bucket, and dip another cloth into the water. Rinse each section immediately after scrubbing. Be sure to wring out the cloth thoroughly before using, and take care not get the couch too wet.

  5. Dry the section

    With another clean cloth, dry the section. Ensure all water and moisture are thoroughly removed from the couch. Don't let water stay on the leather longer than necessary.

  6. Buff the couch

    After drying, use the last dry cloth to buff the couch. Restore the shine by polishing carefully to remove any smudges. If desired, apply a leather conditioner.