How Do You Clean a Whirlpool Front-Loader Washer?

To clean a front-loading Whirlpool washer, wipe down the outside, clean the door seal and detergent dispenser, empty the filter, and run the clean washer cycle using bleach. The frequency of cleaning depends on how heavily the owner uses the machine.

To clean the outside of the machine, spray it with all-purpose cleaner and wipe it down with a sponge. Be sure to wipe any laundry products off the surface promptly to prevent damage to the cabinet.

Open the door and clean the door seal. Moisture collects inside the seal, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. Use a dilute bleach solution to clean the inside and outside of the seal. Open the soap dispenser and locate the release tab. Press the tab and remove the dispenser. Wash it at the sink using warm water, dry and return it to the machine.

Front-loading machines have a filter located on the front of the pump. As of 2015, many machines include an access port on bottom panel of the machine for cleaning the filter. Older machines require removal of the lower panel to access and clean the filter. The knob on the front of the pump unscrews to allow access.

Many Whirlpool front loaders have a clean washer cycle. Products are available commercially for this cycle, but check the machine's owner's manual. Many recommend using inexpensive chlorine bleach for the cycle.