How Do You Clean a Water Softener?

How Do You Clean a Water Softener?

The salt storage tank of a water softener needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent debris from accumulating and a salt bridge from forming. When cleaning your water softener, be careful not to spill salt pellets and not to inhale salt dust, says DIY Online.

  1. Unplug the unit, and lift up the brine valve assembly

    After disconnecting the power to the unit, take away the salt tank cover and examine the inside. Lift the brine valve carefully from the 4-inch chamber.

  2. Remove the float assembly

    Lift the float assembly slowly, taking care not to bump other parts of the valve assembly.

  3. Scoop out dry salt

    Gather any dry salt, and put it in a clean container. Throw away the remaining salt and brine. Cheap salt usually produces cloudy water. DIY Online recommends using a quality rust-removing salt for clearer water.

  4. Remove the brine valve chamber

    Remove the screws on one side of the salt tank to take off the brine valve chamber. Next, lift the salt plate at the bottom of the tank. Take the tank out of your house to scrub and clean it properly with a hose.

  5. Refill the tank

    Fill the tank with fresh salt, preferably around six to eight bags of it depending on your storage tank's size. Add 4 to 6 inches of water afterward.