How Do You Clean War Medals?


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War medals need regular cleaning. To polish your medals, you need nail scissors, silver foam, acetone, cotton pads, a soft cloth, an old toothbrush, methylated spirits, metal lacquer, a bowl, dental floss, newspaper, thread and a sewing needle.

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  1. Remove the ribbons

    Use nail scissors to snip the ribbons' stitching. Do not cut the ribbons.

  2. Degrease the medals

    Dip the medals into pure acetone. Rub them with a cotton pad.

  3. Brush the medals

    Scrub the medals with a soft toothbrush. Use slow, gentle strokes.

  4. Apply silicone-free polishing foam

    Dab each medal with silicone-free silver polishing foam. Rub it in, then remove it with a soft cloth.

  5. Submerge the medals in alcohol

    Dunk the medals in methylated spirits. Dry them with a cotton pad.

  6. Prepare the lacquer bath

    Pour clear metal lacquer into a bowl. Cover the floor with newspaper.

  7. Dip the medals in lacquer

    Hang each medal on a separate length of dental floss. Dip the medals in a bowl of clear metal lacquer. Submerge each medal for 5 seconds.

  8. Hang and dry the medals

    Hang the medals on separate hooks. Do not touch them for 24 hours.

  9. Insert the ribbons

    The next day, unhook the medals, insert their ribbons and sew them in place.

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