How Do You Clean Vinyl Composite Tile?


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To clean a vinyl composite tile, vacuum or sweep the tile, scrub adhesive off the tile, mop the tile with a solution of liquid household floor cleaner, rinse with clean water, and apply two coats of vinyl composite sealer. Allow the tile to dry once you apply the sealer.

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Avoid scratching the floor when sweeping away dirt. Scrub adhesive off the floor with a mop's scrubber. Put 1 gallon of water in a bucket, add about 4 ounces of a neutral detergent, and mix to foam a frothy solution. Use a stronger detergent if you are cleaning newly-installed tiles to remove the manufacturer's protective coating.

Insert the mop in the detergent solution, wring out the mop, and wash the entire floor, working from tile to tile. Replace the detergent mixture with clean water, dip the mop in the water, wring the mop out thoroughly, and rinse the floor. Replace the water if it becomes dirty. Repeat the process as necessary. Let the tiles dry.

While following the manufacturer's instructions, smear a thin coat of vinyl composite tile sealer to the tiles with the correct floor applicator, and allow the tiles dry for more than an hour. Apply a second coat of the sealer, and let the floor dry.

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