How Do You Clean Vinyl?


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To clean vinyl, remove any excess dirt and liquids. Scrub the surface with warm, soapy water, rinse the remaining soap off, and dry the surface for use again. Use a mild soap when cleaning, as an acidic soap can ruin the vinyl.

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  1. Remove any excess dirt or liquids from the surface

    If you have spilled liquid on the vinyl, vacuum or soak up the excess. If working with vinyl upholstery, vacuum up any dirt in crevices and on the surface before scrubbing. Any excess dirt or liquid only spreads if you try to wash the vinyl before removing it.

  2. Scrub with soapy water

    Mix a gentle dish detergent with warm water, and rub it over the vinyl with a soft sponge or a soft-bristled brush. Be careful when choosing a detergent. Acidic detergents can harm the vinyl. If you are unsure of the reaction your vinyl may have to a certain detergent, test the detergent on an unseen spot before starting. Only use alkaline-based cleaners for tough stains.

  3. Rinse and dry the vinyl

    Rinse the vinyl with cold water and a sponge to remove any leftover suds from the soap water. Promptly dry off any excess water, especially around seamed areas, before putting your vinyl back into use.

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