How Do You Clean Vertical Blinds?


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To clean vertical blinds in your home, use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust and then spray and wipe each slat with liquid cleaner and a paper towel. Repeat the spray-and-wipe process until blinds are free of dust and dirt.

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  1. Vacuum the blinds

    Sweep each slat of the blinds with the hose of a vacuum cleaner, removing as much dust and dirt as possible.

  2. Spray the blinds with cleaner

    Whatever is left behind by the vacuum cleaner is much tougher to remove. Use a spray cleaner to dissolve dirt and lift it from the surface.

  3. Wipe down each slat

    Using a rag or paper towel, wipe down each individual slat from top to bottom. Repeat the steps until each slat is clean.

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