How Do You Clean up Mold in Your House?


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Clean up mold in the house by wiping the mold-infected surface with a damp cloth and cleaning agent or by preparing a mixture of bleach and tap water and using it to spray down the desired areas. Use the latter only for large mold problems.

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How Do You Clean up Mold in Your House?
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Use a damp cloth with a cleaning agent to wipe away light amounts of mold, such as those on windowsills, shower curtains and walls. If the mold problem encompasses an area of 10 feet or larger, use a mixture of either household cleaner and water or bleach and water to spray down the area.

Before mixing anything, wear a breathing respirator and cover windows, doors and vents with thick, plastic sheets. Mix the household cleaner and water in a bucket ,and transfer it to a spray bottle. If using bleach, use 1 cup of bleach for every gallon of tap water. Don't mix bleach with any household cleaner, as it can cause toxic fumes. Transfer the bleach and water solution to spray bottles, and use it to treat the desired areas.

Start from the top and work down, changing towels frequently. Discard used towels in a plastic bag. If using a bleach solution, allow it to sit for 15 minutes after spraying before wiping it down with a damp towel. Once the surface is dry, use a HEPA vacuum on the area for at least one minute per square foot to ensure removal of all mold fragments.

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