How Do You Clean Unsealed Hardwood Floors?

clean-unsealed-hardwood-floors Credit: Gregor Schuster/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Unsealed hardwood floors require special attention when cleaning. Avoid using water, which can cause the unsealed wood to swell, buckle and crack.

  1. Remove the grit

    Use a broom, dust mop or vacuum to clean daily. Dirt and grit, tracked onto the floor, cause scratches that damage the flooring. A canister vacuum with a hard floor attachment is the best option, according to Apartment Therapy.

  2. Clean any wet spills quickly

    Use a towel to absorb any liquids spilled on the floor. A quick response limits the amount of water that soaks into the wood. Consider a no-drink rule for the area with the unfinished wood floor to prevent spills.

  3. Treat with oil

    Use linseed oil to clean the floor instead of water. The oil replenishes the moisture in the wood and improves the shine. It helps to loosen any stuck-on grime to deep clean the floor. Apply the oil with a soft rag, and remove with a dry mop after it sits a few minutes.

  4. Wax the floor

    Wax provides a hard surface to protect the wood from scratches. Apply a petroleum-based wax to the floor using a rag. Once the wax has a chance to settle, buff to improve the shine and reduce the chances of slipping on the floor. If you have a large area of hardwood flooring, consider buying or renting an electric floor buffer.