How Do You Clean an Ultrasuede Couch?


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To clean an Ultrasuede couch, run a lint brush over it, vacuum it and use a well-wrung cloth or sponge to remove dust and debris from the couch. Remove oil-based stains by removing the cover, placing it stain side-up over paper towels and wiping it with ethyl alcohol-soaked cloths.

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  1. Run a lint brush over it

    Gently run a lint brush over the entire surface of the Ultrasuede couch.

  2. Vacuum the couch

    Use the vacuum cleaner's upholstery attachment to remove dust and debris from the couch.

  3. Use a well-wrung sponge or cloth to remove any additional dust or debris

    Wet and wring out a cloth or sponge, and wipe any debris or dust off of the couch that the vacuum did not remove. Re-dampen the sponge or cloth as necessary, but take care to not over-saturate the cloth or sponge with water. Let dry overnight.

  4. Remove oil-based stains with ethyl alcohol

    To remove oil-based stains from the Ultrasuede cover, take off the cover and lay it down stain side-up on top of a stack of paper towels. Dab the stain with additional clean, dry paper towels to soak up as much oil as you can from the cover of the couch. Next, pour a few drops of ethyl alcohol onto a clean cloth and lightly blot the alcohol onto the stain. Use another dry, clean cloth to pat the loosened oil from the cover of the couch.

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