How Do You Clean Travertine Flooring?


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Travertine flooring should be cleaned with a small amount of neutral cleaner or a soap stone, which should be applied with a clean mop or soft cloth. After this, the floor should then immediately be gone over with a dry mop as well.

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Travertine should never be cleaned with vinegar or any acidic cleaning product because the stone easily can be stained or damaged by acid. Similarly, most commercial tile cleaners should also never be used on travertine tiles because they are usually abrasive and can scratch the stone.

Travertine is softer and less dense than many other common types of stone flooring, such as granite, which makes it much more susceptible to damage. For this reason, any spills should be cleaned immediately from travertine because it is a porous stone, which means that the spill penetrates into the stone, which can damage the finish or cause staining. This is especially true if the substance spilled was acidic, such as wine.

Due to its porous nature, it is recommended to keep water away from the travertine whenever possible. Instead of wet mopping, travertine should be regularly cleaned with a dust mop to ensure there is no dust or dirt that could scratch its surface.

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