How Do You Clean a Toro Lawnmower Carburetor?

Cleaning the carburetor on a Toro lawnmower involves removing the carburetor from the engine, checking for corrosion, disassembling and cleaning the parts, then reassembling and reinstalling the carburetor to the engine. There may be instances, such as when there is corrosion in the carburetor bowl, when parts may have to be replaced or rebuilt with carburetor rebuilding kits.

Like most lawnmower engines, Toro engines that have problems usually have gummed-up or corroded carburetors. Oftentimes, this occurs when the lawnmower was not used for a long period with gas still in its tank.

The following steps show how to clean the carburetor on a Toro lawnmower:

  1. Remove the carburetor
  2. The carburetor on a Toro lawnmower is attached to the engine with a single bolt. Remove the air cleaner housing and empty the gas tank to remove the carburetor.

  3. Examine the carburetor
  4. Place the carburetor in a container to drain any gas that may have accumulated in it. Open the carburetor bowl to check for any corrosion. If there is corrosion present, buy a new one or use a rebuilding kit. Check the costs of rebuilding, as it may sometimes be cheaper to replace the whole carburetor.

  5. Clean the carburetor
  6. Disassemble the carburetor, carefully noting the order in which to reassemble the pieces. Replace old gaskets and O-rings. Soak the parts in a carburetor cleaning solution for about an hour

  7. Dry, reassemble and reinstall
  8. Rinse the parts with water and dry them with compressed air. Reassemble the parts and reattach the carburetor to the engine.