How Do You Clean a Toilet?

Clean a toilet by flushing it and adding toilet cleaner to the bowl. Wipe down the outside of the toilet, working from the top to the bottom. Spray and wipe the interior parts of the seat, then scrub the inside of the toilet with a brush.

  1. Flush the toilet

    Flush the toilet to remove residue, and wet the interior.

  2. Spray the bowl with toilet bowl cleaner

    Squirt toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl underneath the rim. Alternatively, use powdered cleaner, and shake it as close to the rim of the bowl as possible. Let the cleaner soak.

  3. Spray and wipe the exterior of the toilet

    Spray bathroom cleaner on the tank. Wipe all tank surfaces with a soft rag or clean paper towels. Spray the outside of the seat and the area in back of it. Wipe those parts dry. Spray the base of the toilet, and wipe thoroughly. Use clean rags as necessary to avoid spreading germs.

  4. Clean the rest of the toilet seat

    Open the toilet. Spray the underside of the lid and the top of the seat with bathroom cleaner. Wipe them clean. Raise the seat. Spray its underside and the rim of the toilet with more cleaner. Wipe thoroughly.

  5. Scrub the bowl

    Using a toilet bowl brush, scrub well under the rim. Continue scrubbing down into the bowl to remove all stains. Scrub the hole under the water last. Flush the toilet one last time.