How Do You Clean Tile Grout?

How Do You Clean Tile Grout?

To clean grout, make sure the room is well ventilated, and apply bleach to the grout lines with a brush. After allowing the bleach to sit, scrub again to remove set-in stains. Apply a baking soda solution, and then mop the floor thoroughly.

  1. Open a window

    Ensure that the area is well ventilated. Open a window, or circulate the air with a fan.

  2. Dress in old clothes

    Dress in old clothes in case they come into contact with the bleach. Direct contact with bleach alters the color of fabric.

  3. Apply bleach to the grout lines

    Use a scrub brush to apply bleach to all of the grout lines. Using a scrub brush, scrub the bleach into the grout lines.

  4. Allow bleach to sit

    Leave the bleach to sit for up to several hours, depending on how badly the grout is stained.

  5. Scrub the grout lines

    Once again, using the scrub brush, scrub all the grout lines. This time, use hot water.

  6. Apply a baking soda solution

    Apply a layer of baking soda mixed with water to the grout lines. This helps eliminate the smell of bleach and whiten the grout.

  7. Mop the entire floor

    Mop and rinse the entire floor thoroughly.