How Do You Clean Thermofoil Cabinets?

A thermofoil cabinet has a seamless surface that looks similar to paint but is very resistant to cracking, chipping and many household chemicals. Cleaning this type of cabinet involves the use of a mild detergent or a non-abrasive cleaner.

Clean thermofoil cabinets by using a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Wipe spills immediately with a soft cloth and water. The surface of thermofoil cabinets usually resists most household substances, so it is easy to wipe up spills using a wet cloth or sponge. Use a non-abrasive cleaner to get rid of oil, grease and soil, as these cannot be cleaned with only water. Use products like 409 or Simple Green for tough stains. Be sure to avoid cleaners containing mineral oils, ethyl alcohol or acetone. Moreover, avoid using harsh detergents, bleach and abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the protective qualities of the laminate surface. Do not use a dishcloth to wipe cabinet exteriors, as it likely contains detergent and grease residue. Also, do not polish or wax the cabinet surface.

Clean thermofoil cabinets regularly to prevent long-term damage caused by smoke and grease. Smoke, grease and dirt can accumulate on the surface and form a hard film that dulls the finish.