How Do You Clean a Suede Sofa?

To clean a suede sofa, brush the fabric to remove most of the dirt and grime, and then remove any stains with a suede stone or with a vinegar and water mix for tougher stains. After cleaning, protect the suede from future staining with a professional suede protector spray.

  1. Brush the suede

    Use a nylon-bristled brush to remove any light buildup of dirt and grime from the sofa's surface. Brush in a single direction toward the edge of the sofa to avoid spreading the dirt, and use light pressure while brushing to keep from damaging the fabric itself.

  2. Erase the stain

    Lightly rub a rubber suede stone over any persistent stains to remove them. Use a circular motion with the stone, then brush the area clean to get rid of residue.

  3. Wash deeper stains

    Create a cleaning mix of equal parts vinegar and water in a small bucket. Test the cleanser in an out-of-the-way spot to make certain that it does not discolor the suede. If the test does not alter the color, then dab any remaining stains on the suede with a white cloth dampened by the cleaning mix. Use light pressure with the cloth to dab away the stain, and consistently change the portion of cloth used to avoid reapplying the stain to the sofa.

  4. Protect the sofa

    Spray the entire suede surface with a professional suede protector to prevent future stains from forming and to make future cleaning easier. Avoid using sprays that contain silicone.