How Do You Clean a Suede Couch?


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To clean a suede couch, soak up spills with paper towels, brush the suede, sprinkle baking soda on the cushions, vacuum the couch, and run a lint roller over the couch. This 30-minute procedure requires paper towels, a furniture brush, a vacuum with an upholstery attachment and a lint roller.

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  1. Blot spills with paper towels

    Blot up liquid spills with folded paper towels. Do this immediately after you notice a spill and before the fabric absorbs the liquid. Do not scrub the suede. Lay the towels over the liquid, wait 10 seconds, and press gently. Remove and discard the soiled paper towels.

  2. Brush the suede

    Brush the entire couch with a furniture brush. Use light, circular motions. This agitates the fibers and releases ground-in dirt.

  3. Vacuum the cushions

    Remove the cushions, and sprinkle them with baking soda. Wait 15 minutes, fit your vacuum with an upholstery brush attachment, and vacuum the cushions.

  4. Vacuum the couch body

    Vacuum the body of the couch, including its underside, and then replace the cushions.

  5. Run a lint roller over the couch

    Slowly run a lint roller over the couch, including its lower perimeter, which often collects dust and pet hair. Check the roller frequently, and replace the adhesive paper when it loses stickiness.

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