How Do You Clean Stains Off of a Gutter?


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Clean stains off a gutter with general purpose solvent, a paint thinner or a nonabrasive household detergent. Use warm water, a sponge or a stiff brush to scrub and wash stains off the gutter.

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How Do You Clean Stains Off of a Gutter?
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  1. Gather the cleaning tools

    Fill a bucket with warm water. Ensure that you have a sponge, a stiff brush or a sponge with a scrubber on the reverse side at hand.

  2. Climb up the ladder

    Get a ladder and lean it against the roof. Use an approved ladder to ensure your safety. Wear protective gear to protect your hands from harsh chemicals. Climb up the ladder. Carry the bucket of water, the sponge or the stiff brush and the solvent with you. When you reach the top of the ladder, make sure that the bucket of water and the cleaning tools are securely placed.

  3. Apply the solvent to the stains

    Start working on the stains. Apply the solvent or the thinner to the stains with the sponge. Use a gentle rubbing motion to get the stains off. If the stains are out of reach, use a brush with a long handle to access these stains.

  4. Wash the solvent off the gutter

    Remove the solvent with water. Wash the area thoroughly with water.

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