How Do You Clean a Stainless Steel Sink?


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Deep clean a stainless steel sink by washing it with warm water, mild dish detergent and a soft cloth; if extra scrubbing is necessary, use a baking soda paste. A mixture of one part vinegar and one part water removes mineral deposits. The process takes about 10 minutes.

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  1. Wash gently with warm water and mild detergent

    Wet a soft rag with warm water, and add a small squirt of liquid dish detergent. Rub the sink to remove residue. Rinse thoroughly.

  2. Scrub with baking soda

    Sprinkle baking soda in the wet sink. Take a clean damp rag, and polish the sink by rubbing the baking soda in circular patterns. Focus on any stained areas. Rinse the sink thoroughly.

  3. Remove hard water deposits

    Mix one part distilled vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Spray the sink thoroughly with the mixture, including around the faucet area. Scrub around the faucet with a toothbrush to remove the hard water deposits. Rub the rest of the sink with a clean cloth until it shines, and then rinse the entire sink thoroughly.

  4. Dry the sink

    Stainless steel develops spots from water residue. Dry the sink completely when you are done cleaning to keep spots from developing. Keep the sink empty to avoid new stains, and always dry after use.

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