How Do You Clean Stained Concrete?


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To clean stained concrete, remove visible dust and debris with a dust mop or broom and deep clean as needed. Clean the concrete surface regularly using mild soap and water or a chemical cleaner.

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How Do You Clean Stained Concrete?
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To clean stained concrete surfaces regularly, use an abrasive cleaner and brush or a chemical cleaner suitable for colored and treated concrete. For everyday stains, cleaning with a soft brush and cool water is adequate. Use liquid soap, pH-neutral soap, vinegar and ammonia for tougher stains. If steam cleaning, allow the surface to dry completely before using. Wax the surface periodically to seal the concrete.

Draw grease and oil stains out of the concrete surface using an absorbent solution. Mix trisodium phosphate, an absorbent material such as baby powder, baking soda and/or diatomaceous earth and water into a creamy paste. Apply the paste on the stain and allow it to absorb the grease. Use a nylon brush for final cleanup.

To remove paint stains from concrete, mix a paint stripper such as methylene chloride and an absorbent material into a creamy paste, and spread it over the stain. Wait for 10 to 20 minutes and scrape the stain using a plastic scraper.

To remove rust stains, use diluted muriatic acid over the stain and scrub gently with a nylon brush. After cleaning, rinse the area thoroughly with water.

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