How Do You Clean Stained Alloy Wheels?

To clean stained alloy wheels, rinse the wheels, scrub them with a wet sponge, wash them with an alloy wheel cleaner solution, and rinse and dry them. For the most stubborn stains use vinegar, lemon juice or aluminum foil soaked in cola. After cleaning, apply an alloy wheel wax for protection.

Begin by rinsing the alloy wheels with a powerful spray hose to wash off brake dust and other debris, and rub the wheels with a wet sponge to remove remaining dirt. Soak a sponge in an alloy wheel cleaning solution before scrubbing the wheels, according to package directions, being careful not to scrub too roughly. Clean hard-to-reach areas with an old toothbrush, and rinse the wheels again. If any stains remain after this process, further measures may be necessary.

To remove grease stains, clean the alloy wheels with white or cider vinegar. Remove rust stains by sanding the wheel with aluminum foil soaked in cola. If the alloy is dull, bring its shine back by coating the surface in lemon juice and rinsing it off 10 minutes later. You can also use a stain-specific cleaner to remove stains from oil, silicone, adhesive and other materials. Apply wax to prevent future stains.