How Do I Clean Soot Damage?

How Do I Clean Soot Damage?

Clean soot damage using professional dry cleaning soot removal sponges to loosen the soot on non-porous surfaces. Remove the soot completely with soap and water, then vacuum the floor. Porous surfaces are typically permanently stained by soot and must be replaced.

  1. Prepare for cleaning

    Put on a pair of safety gloves and an air respirator to protect yourself from the soot while cleaning. Open all the doors and windows of the room containing the soot, and place box fans in the window openings to blow contaminated air outward.

  2. Loosen the soot

    Clean all sooty surfaces with professional dry cleaning soot sponges to loosen the soot from the various surfaces. Work from the top of the surfaces downwards to push the soot onto the floor of the room. Change the sponge surface used against the soot so that it remains as clean as possible to avoid spreading the soot instead of removing it.

  3. Clean all surfaces

    Clean every surface of the room with a mixture of soap and water. To create the mixture, add soap to the water until suds form. Use a damp sponge to wash the surfaces, working from top to bottom and changing the water when needed to keep the soapy-water mixture clean.

  4. Clean the floors

    Remove the soot from the floor with a HEPA-filtered, high-efficiency vacuum cleaner. Make certain that the edges of the floor where it meets the walls are covered completely to remove the soot loosened from wall cleaning.