How Do You Clean Solar Screens?

How Do You Clean Solar Screens?

Clean solar screens outdoors on a sunny day. Begin early enough in the morning that the screens can thoroughly dry and be brought in prior to nightfall. Cleaning solar screens requires soap, water from a hose and a non-abrasive bristled brush. Avoid using strong chemicals, which can cause discoloration and streaking.

  1. Remove and label the screens

    Remove the screens from the windows. With a removable marker, label each side "top" and "bottom," and note the window where the screen belongs, so you can replace them properly.

  2. Lay the screens outside

    Lay the screens flat on a hard, outdoor surface, such as a driveway or patio.

  3. Hose down the screens

    Stand the screens up and hose them down. Use a strong water pressure to push out any loose dirt.

  4. Apply soap and water solution

    In a bucket, mix up a soap and water solution. Use the brush and scrub one side of the screen in multiple directions to target all sides of the mesh. With a hose, rinse off the soap before it dries. Repeat this process on the other side.

  5. Dry the screens

    Leave the screens outdoors to air dry in the sun. Replace them in the windows when they are thoroughly dry.