How Do You Clean Soap Scum Off a Shower Door?


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Cleaning soap scum off a shower door involves washing the door with vinegar solution, using a sponge, and rinsing the door with clean water. Drying and polishing the door to restore shine completes the process. Other than the vinegar, water and sponge, other tools and materials that are handy in this task include lemon oil, a bucket and clean, soft rags.

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First, prepare the cleaner. To do this, mix the vinegar and water in equal concentration in the bucket, taking care to stir the mixture to achieve a uniform solution. Once the cleaner is ready, soak the sponge with the solution, and use the sponge to rub the soap scum off the door. Be sure to soak the sponge repeatedly while rubbing. Clear the door of the cleaner residue by splashing it with clean water. Alternatively, soak one of the rags in the water, and wipe the door with the rag to remove the residue.

Next, examine the door for any scum remnants, and repeat the process as needed until the door is free of the scum. Once the door is satisfactorily clean, bloat it dry with the rags. Finally, polish the door by dubbing the oil on a soft rag and using the rag to apply the oil over the door, taking care to add more oil to the rag as you work until the entire door surface is polished.

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