How Do You Clean Slate Floor Tiles?

How Do You Clean Slate Floor Tiles?

Slate floor tiles are cleaned using a soft mop that has been dipped in warm water with a small amount of dish detergent. Floors that are especially dirty can then be mopped with teak oil or slate oil.

It only takes a few steps to clean slate floor tiles.

  1. Sweep the floors
  2. The floors must be swept to get up any dirt or hair.

  3. Mix warm water with dish detergent
  4. A few drops of dish detergent should be combined with two cups of warm water.

  5. Mop the floors
  6. The floors can then be mopped or scrubbed with a soft mop or rag and the solution.

  7. Dry the floors
  8. The floors should be dried with a towel and permitted to completely dry overnight.