How Do You Clean Sisal Carpet?


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The best way to clean sisal carpet depends on the type of stain or soil present. Applying the cleaning agent with a spray bottle keeps the carpet as dry as possible, reducing the risk of damage.

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To remove stains such as blood, lipstick or chocolate, apply commercial dry cleaning solvent according to the manufacturer's instructions. To remove egg, butter or crayon, spray the soiled area with dry cleaning solvent. Blot the stain, spray it with diluted liquid laundry detergent, and blot again. Spray the carpet with water, and blot it until it dries.

Dry cleaning solvent and laundry detergent remove many stains from sisal carpet, but some substances require a different method. To clean up spilled nail polish or modeling glue, blot the carpet with acetone nail polish remover. To remove spilled wax, freeze it with ice cubes, hit the frozen wax with a heavy object, and vacuum the carpet. Apply dry cleaning solvent and blot thoroughly.

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