How Do You Clean Silk Sheets?

How Do You Clean Silk Sheets?

Washing silk sheets requires the use of natural ingredients along with gentle washing and drying methods. Depending on preference, items like fabric softener and soft detergents may be necessary. Other items, such as glycerine and ammonia, may be needed to remove certain stains.

  1. Use detergents with soft ingredients

    The chosen detergent should be one without harsh chemicals. A detergent that is non-toxic and biodegradable is preferable. Avoid detergents that degrade the natural fibers of the fabric.

  2. Wash the sheets

    Wash silk sheets by hand for the few first times to preserve the integrity of the silk. After washing by hand, transition into washing by machine on a delicate cycle. Do not use hot water. Wash the fabric in lukewarm water. Do not use an extra spin cycle.

  3. Apply stain removers if necessary

    Use 1 teaspoon of salt per cup to remove blood. Apply glycerine for tea and coffee stains. Use equal amounts of diluted ammonia and water for perspiration stains. Apply liquid dish soap for grease and oil stains. Laundry soap can be used in concentrated form for lipstick and makeup stains. Use 3 parts water and 1 part ammonia for makeup stains as well, but be careful when applying on dark silk sheets. Always test before applying.

  4. Dry the sheets

    Allow the sheets to dry by air, but keep them out of direct sunlight and heat. A clothesline that is away from the sun is a suitable option. Sunlight fades darker colored sheets. Using the air-dry option on dryers, or drying on the lowest setting possible, are other options.