How Do You Clean Silicone Lubricant From a Treadmill Belt?

In order to clean off the silicone lubricant from a treadmill belt, it will need to be washed using different cleaning solutions. Although it can sometimes be removed with soap and water, most cases involve other cleaning solutions, such as alcohol or laundry detergent.

Use the following steps to progressively rid the silicone lubricant from the belt.

  1. Clean the silicone with soap and water
  2. First, wash the belt with soap and water. Scrub using a rag or soft scrubber and dry it when finished.

  3. Try detergent and water
  4. If that fails, wash the belt with laundry detergent. Wet the mat and continue scrubbing to remove the silicone.

  5. Use denatured alcohol
  6. Use denatured alcohol as a last resort. Take a rag and douse it in alcohol, then begin to wipe the silicone. If this fails to remove it, the belt will have to be replaced.