How Do You Clean a Shearling Coat?

Small stains on shearling coats can be cleaned with a damp cloth, while debris can be plucked from the suede with tweezers, according to Overland Sheepskin Co. A cloth-brite pad can be used to remove dirt marks, whereas liquids like drinks and grease can be removed by applying corn starch to the stain for a few days. Dry cleaning is not recommended.

A reputable leather specialty cleaning company should be able to handle the worst spots and stains on the garment. Overland Sheepskin Co. explains that the inside of the coat can be tweaked with a metal dog brush. A suede brush can be used on the outside of a dry shearling coat to keep the material in good shape.

The fur side of a shearling coat needs to be cleaned once per year. reveals the leather side should only be cleaned when necessary as opposed to annually. A shearling coat should be conditioned before long-term storage, especially if the coat has been exposed to accumulated salt and solvents during the winter.

The suede side of the shearling coat can be protected with a layer of rain and stain shield especially made for leather or suede. Suede conditioner can remove most spotting, according to The Sheepherder. Wool on the inside of the garment can be cleaned with a solution of cold water and Woolite.