How Do You Clean a Semak Vitamizer Blender?


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Cleaning a Semak Vitamizer blender consists of filling the jar with warm water, adding a drop of mild detergent and, with the lid on, blending for 30 seconds. Wiping the base with a damp cloth completes the cleaning process.

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The Semak Vitamizer is a professional grade blender capable of pulverizing foods and extracting juices. Cleaning after each use avoids sticky liquids from collecting in the spindle, interfering with its action. Although washing the jar in dishwater like any other glass container is possible, the 30-second blending method is preferable. Harsh cleaners and abrasives mar the container, scratching or fogging its surface.

Bleaching the blender jar periodically avoids contaminant build-up. Bleach bottles list instructions on safe strengths and soaking times. Rinsing and air drying the jar after soaking is necessary. Never attach a damp container to the base.

There are several cautions related to cleaning the Vitamizer or any blender. Immersing the base in water causes damage to the unit and creates the potential for electrical shock. Soaking the jar for extended periods corrodes the drive shaft. The blender jar is dishwasher safe, but only on the top shelf and without the heated drying function to prevent damage to the gaskets between the jar and the blades.

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