How Do You Clean a Schott Ceran Cooktop?


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Clean a Schott Ceran cooktop by scraping away spills, applying cleaner and wiping the surface first with a damp cloth, and then with a dry cloth. To maintain the cooktop surface, use only approved cleaning agents and cooking pots.

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When hard-to-clean items such as milk or cream, sugar or sugar-rich mixtures, melted plastic or aluminum falls onto the cooktop surface, use a metal cleaning scraper or razor to remove it immediately from the hot surface. When the surface cools, apply a few drops of nonabrasive cooktop cleaner and rub it around with a clean cloth or paper towel. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface, and then a dry cloth to get it completely dry. Do not use scouring agents, abrasive sponges, spot removers or baking oven sprays on a Schott Ceran cooktop. These cleaning materials cause the surface to become permanently stained.

Only place cookware on a completely clean cooktop panel surface. To protect the cooktop surface, use only enameled or stainless steel cookware. Pots with aluminum or copper bottoms often leave impenetrable stains. The bottoms of suitable pots should be slightly concave and neatly fit the cooking zone. Placing damp pots on the cooktop creates lime stains, but these are removable with the proper cooktop cleaning agents.

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