How Do You Clean a Savoureux Ice Cream Maker?

How Do You Clean a Savoureux Ice Cream Maker?

Savoureux ice cream makers are cleaned by taking the machine apart, flushing it with water, washing the machine with soap, soaking and scrubbing machine parts, and then reassembling it. The specific instructions for cleaning Savoureux ice cream makers depend on the particular model.

Appliance owners should begin by taking the ice cream machine apart according to the instructions in the users’ manual. Removable parts should be set aside and cleaned separately. Parts that regularly come into contact with hands, such as handles, should also be removed. Freezer compartments should be drained of any used ice cream mix, and all traces of ice cream should be scraped away.

Next, appliance owners should run cold water through the interior chambers until the water comes out clean. They should then rinse the compartments thoroughly with hot water, pour a mixture of hot water and antibacterial dish soap into the machine’s freezing chamber and then run the wash cycle. Once completed, they should drain the machine of the soapy water and flush with clean hot water.

Next, the removable parts should be soaked in hot soapy water for at least 30 minutes and then scrubbed with a scrub brush or sponge. Appliance owners should then add 2-tablespoons of bleach into clean hot water and soak the parts until the water cools; this step helps to kill bacteria. The parts should then be rinsed in clean water and air dried on clean towels.

Finally, appliance owners should reassemble the ice cream machine according the instructions in the user’s manual. They should wear gloves when handling the clean parts.