How Do You Clean Rusty Chrome?


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To clean rusty chrome, wash the chrome surface with chrome cleaner, scrub the rust off the surface using steel wool dampened with chrome polish, and rinse the surface. Gather steel wool, chrome cleaner, chrome polish, soft rags and rubber gloves to complete this task.

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To wash the surface, soak one of the rags in the cleaner, and use the rag to wash the surface with water, taking care to soak the rag repeatedly in the cleaner until you exhaust the entire surface. Be sure to remove all dirt from the surface to access the rust, including all dust and debris. Once the surface is free of dirt, take another rag, daub the polish onto it, and use it to apply polish over the rust directly. Protect your hands with the gloves, pour some polish over the steel wool, and use the steel wool to rub the rust off the surface, taking care not to apply excessive pressure so you don't cause scratches. While rubbing, work your hand circularly, and keep the surface wet by adding polish.

Clear the surface of polish residue by rinsing it with clean water. Examine the surface for any rust remnants, and rub it again with the steel wool and polish until it is free of rust. Rinse the surface again, and blot it dry with a rag. Finally, apply polish to make the surface shiny and resistant to further rusting.

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