How Do You Clean Rust?


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To remove rust, apply a rust-removal solution to the affected area, and scrape the rust off with a putty knife. Rust removers are very acidic and give off harsh fumes, so be sure to use gloves, goggles and a mask.

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  1. Prepare your work area

    You need a paintbrush, putty knife, rags, goggles, gloves, a respirator, a waste bucket and a jug of rust remover. Work in a well-ventilated area, and put on your safety gear.

  2. Apply the solution

    Apply the rust remover with a paintbrush. Check the container to see how long the solution should rest before removal.

  3. Remove the rust

    Once the recommended time has elapsed, scrape the rust off with the putty knife. Wipe the knife and rusted area with a rag, and throw the rag in the waste bucket. Repeat the application until the rust is completely gone.

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