How Do You Clean Your Room Fast?

How Do You Clean Your Room Fast?

The easiest way to quickly clean up a bedroom is to pick up clothing, throw away obvious trash, vacuum and make the bed. Keeping a few cleaning supplies around the bedroom, such as a trashcan, laundry hamper, box, dust rag, multi-purpose cleaner and vacuum, makes the process quicker and easier.

  1. Throw out the trash

    Pick up any obvious trash, such as candy wrappers, paper, drink containers or other litter, and throw it in the trash. Throw away any litter on the dresser or desk as well. After picking up all the trash, empty the trash can.

  2. Fold clothes, and store clutter

    Fold any clothes on the floor or furniture, and put them in the appropriate drawer or closet. Put any dirty clothes in the laundry hamper. Put all clutter in a box, and place it in the closet or under the bed.

  3. Make the bed

    Make the bed properly. Fix the sheets and pillows so they do not look crumpled. Straighten the bed spread so it looks smooth. A properly made bed makes a room instantly look cleaner.

  4. Dust the furniture

    Wipe down any furniture with a dust rag. Use a multi-purpose cleaner to dust a variety of surfaces, such as wood and plastic.

  5. Clean the floor

    Vacuum the carpet or sweep the floor once everything is picked up. Pay close attention to areas of the room with heavy traffic, such as near the dresser or the sides of the bed.