How Do You Clean a Rival Electric Indoor Grill?


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A Rival electric indoor grill can be cleaned by washing the grill and cooking plate down with a damp, soft cloth to remove grease and meat juices. If the plates are removable, soak them in hot water and use a scrubbing brush to remove caked-on food particles.

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When soaking cooking plates from a Rival electric indoor grill, homeowners can add dishwashing detergent to the water prior to scrubbing with a cleaning brush to create a soapy mixture to soften hardened food and grease. The cooking plates and grill should be dried thoroughly before being placed back onto the base of the grill. While the plates are soaking, grease, juices and food particles should be discarded from the drip tray or pan of the grill. If the drip tray is small, it can be soaked in hot water, too.

Pre-treating indoor grills with a cooking spray may help to minimize the amount of buildup and caked-on food that remains after cooking. After each use, the indoor grill should be wiped down with a damp cloth immediately. Homeowners should use tongs to pick up the damp cloth and move it across the grill to avoid burns. Indoor electric grills should be unplugged prior to cleaning to reduce the risk of electric shock.

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