How Do You Clean a Refrigerator?


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To clean a refrigerator, empty it, remove the shelves and drawers, wash them, and wipe the interior of the fridge with diluted baking soda. Dry the fridge with a cloth, replace the shelves and drawers, and restock the fridge. This one-hour process requires water, an antibacterial cleanser, baking soda, drying cloths and rags.

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  1. Empty the refrigerator

    Take everything out of the refrigerator, and throw out spoiled and expired items. Remove the shelves and drawers, and then close the refrigerator door.

  2. Wash the shelves and drawers

    Wash the shelves and drawers with hot water and anti-bacterial cleanser. Rinse the shelves and drawers thoroughly, scrub them with a soft cloth, and set them in a ventilated area to dry.

  3. Clean the inside of the refrigerator

    Open the refrigerator door, and wash it with a solution of 1/4 cup baking soda and 4 cups water. Wipe the floor, ceiling, walls and door shelves. Be mindful of the interior hardware, shelf tracks and thermostat. Rinse the refrigerator with a rag dipped in hot water, and then dry the fridge with a soft cloth.

  4. Replace the shelves, drawers and food

    Replace the shelves and drawers. Gently close the refrigerator door to make sure the shelves and drawers were placed correctly. Return the food to the refrigerator.

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