How Do You Clean Quartz Countertops?


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Quartz countertops can be cleaned using water and gentle soap. Never use an abrasive cleanser or scrubbing pad on quartz counters as they can scratch the surface.

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How Do You Clean Quartz Countertops?
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  1. Scrape off sticky material

    Use the dull edge of a plastic putty knife to scrape off and loosen stuck-on stains. These include things like old food, gum or dried lacquer.

  2. Wet a cloth

    Wet a cloth or scratch-resistant cleaning pad with warm water. Add a little non-abrasive, non-detergent soap to clean stubborn stains.

  3. Wipe down the counter

    Wipe the counters down with the wet cloth. Use a vigorous scrubbing motion to remove stubborn stains.

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