How Do You Clean a Quarry Tile Floor?

Clean a stained quarry tile floor by applying a commercial wax-stripping compound using a floor-cleaning machine, cleaning any remaining stains with nonabrasive cleaner and applying paste wax. Apply three coats of sealer to unsealed floors before waxing. Once the floor is sealed and waxed, clean it with a damp mop.

  1. Use a floor-cleaning machine

    Using the brush attachment on a floor-cleaning machine, apply a commercial wax-stripping compound to clear the tile of any wax. Use a mop and tap water to remove the compound and dissolved wax.

  2. Clean stubborn spots

    Use a nonabrasive cleaner to scrub any remaining spots from the tiles. Use water to rinse away the cleanser. Allow the floor to dry.

  3. Wax the floor

    For never-sealed tiles, apply three coats of tile sealer following the manufacturer's directions. The sealer prevents the porous tile from soaking in spills that cause stains. Once the tile is sealed, apply a coat of paste wax using a buffer. Buff the wax to a shine. Unlike liquid wax, you never have to strip paste wax from the floor.

  4. Clean with a damp mop

    Once the floor is waxed, regular maintenance includes mopping with a damp mop. In the event that mopping leaves a white, powdery residue on the floor, mop again, adding 1 cup of vinegar to the water to remove the haze.