How Do You Clean a Porcelain Sink?

How Do You Clean a Porcelain Sink?

To clean a porcelain sink, scrub the sink with a sodium borate and lemon juice paste, and then polish the surface with white vinegar. You need a bowl and spoon for the paste, a few rags, and white vinegar.

  1. Make the paste

    Mix 1 cup of sodium borate with 1/4 cup of lemon juice until the mixture forms a paste.

  2. Rub in the paste

    Rub in the paste with a rag to remove scum and dirt from the surface of the porcelain.

  3. Rinse the paste

    Rinse away the paste and loose dirt with warm water.

  4. Clean the remaining surface

    Repeat the cleaning process until the entire surface area of the sink is clean.

  5. Fill the sink with water

    Plug the drain, and then fill the sink with hot water.

  6. Add white vinegar

    Stir in 3 cups of white vinegar, and wait four hours.

  7. Scrub the sink

    Drain the water, and then scrub the inside of the sink.

  8. Scrub the remaining surface

    Scrub the rest of the surface area with vinegar.

  9. Wash away the vinegar

    Rinse with cold water to wash away the vinegar.

  10. Repeat as necessary

    Scrub the sink with vinegar as many times as necessary to restore the porcelain's shine.