How Do You Clean and Polish Corian?


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Clean and polish Corian countertops using an ammonia-based household cleaner. Avoid using glass cleaners that also contain wax, which builds up on the countertop and dulls the shine. Disinfect the surface with bleach.

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Most residue wipes away from Corian countertops using normal household cleaners. For stains that are difficult to remove, consider purchasing a cleaner the manufacturer specifically formulates for cleaning countertops. Prevent water spots from forming on Corian by wiping the counter dry after each use. If hard water spots form, use a product such as Lime-A-Way to remove them and rinse with plain water.

Disinfect Corian countertops by wiping the surfaces with a solution made from equal parts of water and bleach. Rinse the surface using water and dry thoroughly.

Protect the Corian finish by using a cutting board each time you cut on the counter. Place a hot pad under cooking utensils before setting them on the counter. Use a trivet under appliances that generate heat, such as toaster ovens. While boiling water does not damage the surface, the manufacturer recommends running cold water in Corian sinks when pouring boiling water down the drain. If you damage a Corian countertop, refinishing is possible in most instances; however, the process often requires the services of a professional.

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