How Do You Clean Plexiglass?


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To clean plexiglass, determine the dirt levels, select the right cleaner and remove scratches. You should exercise special care when cleaning plexiglass because it is prone to scratches.

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How Do You Clean Plexiglass?
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Begin by evaluating the dirt levels to determine the kind of cleaner to use. Plain water is sufficient for cleaning a light coat of dust on the glass. Wet a clean cloth made of non-abrasive material, and gently clean the surface. Turn the cloth regularly to wipe with a clean area. This helps to avoid dust and dirt accumulating on the cloth and scratching the plexiglass.

For heavier cleaning, use an ammonia-free non-abrasive cleaner to remove accumulated dirt and grime. Ammonia eats into plexiglass surfaces, causing them to look cloudy. Other types of cleaners to avoid include those that contain solvents such as gasoline and acetone. Aromatic cleaners, ketones, halogens and traditional glass cleaners can also damage plexiglass in the long term. Wet a clean cloth with water and the cleaning solution, and be sure to turn the cloth regularly while cleaning. Finish by soaking a new, clean cloth in plain water, wringing it and carefully wiping off the cleaning solution.

Apply a little car wax onto a buffer and gently rub the glass to remove light scratches on plexiglass. Clean the glass normally once the scratches are removed.

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