How Do You Clean a Pioneer Pellet Stove?

Clean Pioneer pellet stoves by clearing the firepot daily, the heating system and surfaces weekly and the exhaust venting system annually. Turn the heater off and wait at least 25 minutes before attempting any cleaning tasks to ensure the heater is cool.

After cooling, insert the latch tool into the nut to the left of the hook, turning it counter-clockwise to unlock the door. The device resembles an Allen wrench on a handle and typically hangs behind the heater.

Each day after use, open the door, lift the firepot and knock away any debris and blockages with a screwdriver.

Every week, run the stove until all pellets burn, turn it off and let it cool. With the door closed, open the hopper lid, touching only the handle. Pump the heat exchange rod a few times with the latch tool and then thoroughly vacuum the hopper. Clean any gold surfaces with a soft cloth and denatured alcohol.

Open the door, remove the firepot, lift and pull out both side ash trap doors, and slide out the ash pan trap door located under the unit. Sweep ash into the dumps from the floor and the firepot box. Slide the ash pan trap door back, and replace the side trap doors and firepot. When no ash remains, clean the glass window.

Close the door, remove the ash pan from under the unit and dump the ash into a metal can with a tight lid. Store the can away from the home.