How Do I Clean a Pilot Light?

To clean a pilot light, use a stiff wire brush, a metal file and an air compressor to clear away buildup. You also need water and gloves. You need to disconnect all sources of gas and electricity before cleaning.

  1. Turn off the electricity

    Locate the power switch and flip the switch to cut the power off to the appliance. In some cases, the appliance's electrical source comes from a plug and can be disconnected from the wall directly.

  2. Turn off the gas

    Turn off all gas and wait 10 minutes. Ensure that no open flames are in the area. Do not clean or inhale the air if you smell gas or suspect that it is on or has leaked.

  3. Disassemble the pilot light

    With an adjustable wrench, remove the bracket and nuts that hold the thick, copper thermocouple wire and blue metal pilot in place. Remove the thermocouple, pilot and gas lines, and put everything to the side.

  4. Clean pilot with a wire brush

    With a stiff wire brush, clear away buildup inside and outside of the pilot. Follow behind with a metal file to grind away tough, burnt particles. An air compressor can help to clear away leftover dust.

  5. Reassemble everything

    Put the thermocouple and pilot back in their original places, and be sure the gas lines are reassembled properly. Reset the power and gas to your preferred setting.