How Do You Clean Pavers With Chemicals?

How Do You Clean Pavers With Chemicals?

To clean brick pavers with chemicals, sweep them, saturate them with diluted oxygenated bleach, scrub the pavers, and rinse them. The supplies you need are a broom, a scrub brush, a garden sprayer, oxygenated bleach, water, a bucket, sand and a pressure washer. This process takes about one day.

  1. Sweep the pavers

    Sweep the pavers to remove dust, dirt and debris.

  2. Apply oxygenated bleach

    In a clean bucket, mix 3 parts water and 1 part oxygenated bleach. Pour some of the solution into a garden sprayer, and spray the pavers until each brick is coated in bleach. Give the pavers several minutes to soak.

  3. Scrub the pavers

    Scrub the pavers with a stiff-bristled brush dipped in the leftover bleach solution. Focus on grimy areas, and apply additional bleach as needed.

  4. Rinse the pavers

    Rinse the pavers with a pressure washer. Rinse each brick individually to prevent structural damage caused by the bleach. Control the water stream so it stays on the bricks, and does not loosen the sand between them. Let the pavers dry for 24 hours, and then inspect them. If you accidentally removed some sand while cleaning, pour fresh sand over the pavers, and push it between the bricks with a broom.