How Do You Clean Outdoor Wooden Furniture?

The first step to cleaning outdoor wooden furniture is drying them out in the sun. Find the right place to clean the furniture where the chemicals can't affect the kids, pets or the vegetation. Cleaning can be done using oxygen bleach or dishwasher detergent. Once the wood is dry, scrub down the mold or dirt using a dry scrub. Ensure that even the underside is scrubbed.

After scrubbing the furniture, rinse down using with a pressure washer garden hose with attached nozzle. Spray the furniture from top to bottom and the underside with a mixture of soap, water and bleach. If it is a painted furniture, use a sponge or scrub lightly so that the paint doesn't chip. Unpainted furniture must be scrubbed heavily using the mixture. Rinse down the furniture with a pressure washer or garden hose. More scrubbing can be done if there are still traces of mold or mildew on the furniture. If the furniture is clean, leave in direct sunlight to dry before putting it back in position. After the furniture dries, oil the surfaces with a preservative or sealant that suits the wood. Keeping the outdoor wood furniture is never an easy task. Cleaning the furniture a couple times a month is the perfect way to ensure that it is in a good condition.