How Do You Clean Out Your Dryer Ductwork?


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Cleaning a dryer's ductwork or vent involves disconnecting the flexible ductwork from the dryer and wall, cleaning the inside of both flexible and outside ductworks with a towel, and reattaching the ductworks to the dryer. Disconnect the unit from electric power source or gas source before attempting this task.

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Start by gathering a broom hand, a screwdriver, a toilet brush a towel and duct tape. Add warm soapy water. Access the attachment point of the flexible ductwork to the dryer by pulling the unit off the wall. Using the screwdriver, loosen and remove the clamp screws that secure the flexible ductwork to the dryer before removing the ductwork.

Once the flexible ductwork is separate from the dryer, dislodge lint that has accumulated inside the ductwork by scrubbing it with the brush. Take the towel, tie it around the broom hand, and secure it onto the hand with the tape. Wipe away all lint remnants from the inner wall of the ductwork by running the broom hand with the towel through the ductwork repeatedly, changing the towel as needed. Stop once the towel runs through the ductwork without catching much dirt. Uncover the outside ductwork, repeat the process for the outside dryer ductwork, and rid the cover of the outside ductwork of dirt with the soapy water before putting it back.

Next, clamp the flexible ductwork back onto the dryer, and connect it to the outside ductwork. Reposition the unit in the room, and reconnect it to the gas or electric power source to complete the process.

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