How Do You Clean Out Your Closet?

How Do You Clean Out Your Closet?

Clean your closet by taking everything out and sorting the items. Use organizational tools and storage equipment when putting possessions back in the closet. Grab a stepladder and at least three bins or large bags before getting started.

  1. Take everything out

    Remove everything from the closet, including shoes, clothes, accessories, sporting equipment and anything else hiding in the depths. Arrange similar items together in your bedroom or in any room with enough space. Once everything is out of the closet, knock down cobwebs, repaint any wall blemishes, and vacuum the floor.

  2. Sort everything

    Pick up each item individually. Decide if the item should be kept, donated or thrown away. Ask, "Do I wear this? Do I love this? Do I need this? Does it fit? Have I worn it in the past year?" If most of the answers are no, donate or toss it. Use one bin or bag for donations and another for things to toss. If needed, corral small items to keep in the third bin.

  3. Use proper storage and hanging equipment

    Use baskets, bins and totes to store accessories, bags and scarves. Buy enough hangers to hang each item of clothing. Use drawers, shelves or even a small dresser to store sheets, blankets and out-of-season items, such as holiday decorations.