How Do You Clean Oriental Rugs?


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Clean Oriental rugs by using extreme caution and reading labels, vacuuming, using a water extraction cleaning machine and drying thoroughly. Oriental rugs can also be professionally cleaned by experts, either in the home or off site.

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  1. Read labels, and proceed with caution

    Err on the side of caution with antique or expensive Oriental rugs. Read the label for care instructions and materials used in the rug. Knowing what materials are in the rug helps ensure the proper cleaning technique is used.

  2. Vacuum the rug

    Begin cleaning Oriental rugs at home by thoroughly vacuuming them. Even after regular vacuuming, rugs need to be vacuumed again before cleaning with water. Make several passes over each section of rug, and vacuum from left to right and from top to bottom to remove as much dirt as possible.

  3. Use a carpet cleaner

    Water extraction cleaning machines can be used on synthetic rugs, but generally aren't recommended for wool rugs. Machines from professional cleaning companies are more powerful than many models available for purchase for home use. Use clean water in the machine, and go over each section until the extracted water contains no more dirt.

  4. Dry rugs completely

    Make sure the rug is thoroughly dry before walking on it. Let it lie on the floor as it dries. Place a fan near the rug to help it dry more quickly.

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